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Quotation Costing

Improvement of product yields and reduction of internal investments
  • Precisely calculate product costs
  • Reduce manual activities
  • Effectively control costs and revenues
  • Manage product portfolio profitably 
  • Create reliable quotations
  • Eliminate sources of error
  • Generate Cost Breakdowns automatically

Product Costing during Development

Creating cost transparency over the entire product life cycle
  • Identify costs directly in the product development process
  • Effectively control product costs over the entire product lifecycle
  • Analyzing cost causation chronologically
  • Identify opportunities and risks at an early stage
  • Argue change costs resiliently

Cost Engineering

Market-oriented optimization of product costs and value
  • Elimination of costs and values that do not produce customer benefits
  • Optimize costs along the value chain
  • Meet customer requirements at the lowest possible product cost
  • Avoid "Over-Engineering

Customized to your company

With a comprehensive range of software and consulting services, we offer you a holistic system for transparent control of costs, productivity and product values.

    Our services:

    • Software for product cost management & controlling for continuous control of costs and revenues over the entire product life cycle
    • Consulting on cost & value engineering methods for controlling product costs and revenues along the value chain
    • Consulting and training for ORAGO software and cost & value engineering methods